Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Britney Spears Chooses A Bad Time To Act Wild For Photographers

Of all the important issues in the world, including the very serious situation in the MidEast, Britney Spears should hardly rate as even a bump on the screen. But for someone involved in a growing nasty divorce with her ex, Kevin Federline, her recent behavior seems hardly wise for anyone hoping to influence a divorce judge that she is a fit mother for the couple's children. If anything, Spears is only giving Federline's attorney team a treasure trove of information that is likely to haunt Spears in divorce court. All of the money in the world cannot erase a few days of extremely bad conduct, sometimes with new gal-pal, Paris Hilton.

Recent awful behavior of Spears includes "partying" until as early as 6AM with Hilton, comprising photos of leaving clubs including lewd and apparently deliberate "flashes " of her private parts to waiting photographers who are now posting these images on the Internet. For anyone hoping to impress a divorce judge as a fit parent to gain child custody, these awful and crude acts hardly offer any more than ammunition to Kevin Federline, whom himself is often a punchline to many late night comics' jokes. Often the mere mention of the name of Kevin Federline is enough to evoke laughter.

Beyond becoming a terrible role model to all the young girls who idolize her, Britney Spears seems to be involved in everything but producing some new music to sell. Her last album was several years ago, and sales have soared down from 28 million worldwide sales of her first album to only 100, 000 U.S. unit sales of a remix album of her "classics" in recent years. Unlike some in music industry such as The Rolling Stones, of which Mick Jagger has an economics background, and has treated the band as a serious business since the 1960's, Spears feels that doing everything but recording new music and doing lucrative concert tours is the right path to success. At some point the serious media needs to decide whether Spears is even a major celebrity any longer, or just a pathetic has-been who cannot even sell CDs in decent numbers to former fans or even find new some new ones. Even Maddona at least produces some new great albums and concert tours in between any personal news. With Spears it's just mainly bad personal news with no new music or concert tours. Images of public clubbing, lewd flashes to photographers, not once, but four times in the last few days, hardly seem like a good path to a revival or comeback for the former undisputed Queen of pop of this century. Everything looks more like a trainwreck than a clear path of clear thinking to think about her actions and the consequences of them for her life and career.


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