Tuesday, November 28, 2006

CNN's Michael Ware Offers Refreshing New Honesty To War Reporting

In a media world in which a certain amount of posturing often is the rule so not to offend some viewers, CNN's Australian born reporter. Michael Ware speaks from the heart and offers honest and unvarnished heartfelt opinions in his often dangerous reports from Iraq. This sets Michael Ware mile ahead of many reporters. His sheer bravery in risking his life to present important stories and his honest opinions, make this reporter one of the finest of my lifetime. He offers the warfront reporter bravery of both Ernie Pyle with the honesty that you'd expect from a great figure like Abraham Lincoln.

CNN is easily my favorite news source. Honest personalities who are great reporters set it miles ahead of wanna-be networks like FOX that varnish up the news so as to be pleasing to conservatives who seem unwilling to accept some simple reality as truth. When conservatives aren't varnishing the truth in order to make the "facts" fit, then they spend time condemning the accuracy of the media, their second favorite pastime. The truth is that conservatives have largely grown so out of touch with reality that they not see their big November election rebuke coming from the voters, and that issues like Iraq had grown way out of hand. Honest and excellent reporters like Michael Ware will keep any viewer who bothers to listen informed about the raw truth of Iraq, with no candy-coating or varnish of the facts like you'd expect from FOX. This clearly sets aside CNN as a superior news source.


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