Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rev. Jesse Jackson Offers Up Some Continued Absurdity

I voted for Rev. Jesse Jackson in the 1988 Oregon Primary election for President. I felt that he was the best man for the office on the ballot. But I cannot support all of his words.

Today on CNN, Jackson continued attacks on comic Michael Richards after Richards appeared this weekend on Jackson's radio program. Jackson seems completely unwilling to accept that Richards has a few problems with anger and was simply not funny in his insults of customers during a controversial standup comedy performance. But Jackson didn't bother to admit that only days earlier some jokes and comments about Jews also bombed by Richards in another show. There is no reason to assume that Richards is rally a racist, just a very poor insult comic. Last night , comic Don Rickles had some hilarious racial jokes about Japanese and Hispanics and others, and today no one is after Rickles to apologize over, and over, and over again. Richards simply wasn't funny, but Jackson, Al Sharpton and a few others don't seem to get it and want to bring this up over and over on a daily basis that's absurd. Jackson once admitted that as a food service worker he would spit in the food of White people. I found it in myself to forgive these acts of racism by Jackson, andvoted for him as President. As a minister of the Gospel, Jackson should realize that to be forgiven by God for any faults requires forgiving others. Richards big sin was that he was not funny and lost his temper on stage. He's a frustrated has-been playing small comedy clubs and patrons heckle him. What could make a guy more angry than that?

Today on CNN, Jackson supported a boycott of SEINFELD. However it is Jerry Seinfeld who will get the lion's share of the DVD royalty money, much to the anger of the rest of the cast who will share very little of the royalty money. And Jackson complained that there are no late night comics that are African American, but it was very popular comic host, Arsenio Hall that decided to retire. It was also excellent comic Dave Chappelle that walked away from a $50 million dollar offer from COMEDY CENTRAL, that is twice what Jay Leno earns. It is not racism that has removed two of America's most popular comics from the airwaves. Both walked away from their popular programs for personal reasons. It was only Magic Johnson who failed in the ratings, with only one show with Howard Stern as guest that drew good ratings. Jackson needs to get his facts right. I can forgive that his facts are wrong. Jackson needs to extend forgiveness to Richards as many comics, White, Hispanic, Asian and African American tell racial jokes, but are generally funnier than the has-been Richards. Jackson needs to stop kicking a man when he's down. Richards missed good opportunities since SEINFELD including becoming the lead in MONK. He's hardly setting the world on fire playing little comedy clubs nowadays, and does not run million dollar organizations like Jackson or Sharpton. These millionaires should stop kicking a poor guy when he's down.


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