Monday, November 06, 2006

Nicaragua's Voters Show No Better Sense Than Many Americans

Voters in Nicaragua have decided to do the most stupid thing possible and give disgraced former leader Daniel Ortega a second chance. Daniel Ortega last misruled Nicaragua 16 years ago when even the Communist Party joined a coalition to support a reasonable candidate to oust this terrible leader from power. Unlike Communists who often support pragmatic and cooperative economic relations with the world community, such as Vietnam and China, Daniel Ortega a former convicted bank robber and urban guerilla, represents very irresponsible leftism. He managed to drive Nicaragua's economy into the ground once before during the 1980's and set Nicaragua on a dangerous and confrontational path with the Reagan Administration. Why voters would choose to return this irresponsible leftist to power is way beyond normal explanation.

Ortega corruptly ruled Nicaragua as the strongman of extremist Sandinista National Liberation Front. In 1998, his step daughter, Zoilamerica Naveraez accused Ortega of sexual abusing her. Besides the dangerous and revolutionary frictions Ortega had with the Reagan Administration which led to covert CIA supported warfare against Ortega, PNAC member Jeb Bush has run ads in Nicaragua accusing Ortega of supporting terrorism. Ortega's return to power could lead the Bush Administration to seeking a new front to stage a new war.

Voters sometimes just display no good sense at all. Voters in Nicaragua have apparently returned revolutionary Ortega to power despite his history of violence and confrontation, that may soon renew with the current Bush Administration. But many voters in the U.S. are no wiser, many want to return Bush's party to power as well. Stupidity crosses all boundaries it seems with the U.S. sometimes no wiser than the most illiterate and backward of nations.


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