Monday, September 20, 2010

Paris Hilton Pleads Guilty To Misdemeanor Charges

For now, Paris Hilton has appeared to avoid jail time with a guilty plea to a misdemeanor drug possession charge and a second charge of obstructing a police officer. This will mean paying a $2000 fine, completing an intensive substance abuse program of some sort, 200 hours of community service as well as one year of probation. This means that Hilton will have to behave herself for one whole year if she wants to avoid spending a year in jail. Can she do that?

The Nevada judge also warned the socialite that spending time in the Clark County Detention center is not the "Waldorf Astoria"........ Yeah, but can it be as bad as Motel 6. Last time I stayed there they gave me a choice of a rooms where the card door lock didn't work or a handicapped room where even the shower didn't work.