Friday, September 17, 2010

UPS Government Bailout Plan Hidden In Legislation

UPS, the 100 year old merchandise and package delivery company with the trademark brown trucks has found itself in a $6 billion dollar hole and has lobbied members of Congress to add language to pending legislation to bail the company out with what might amount to as much as $5 billion or more bailout plan paid for by the taxpayers. FedEx is crying foul. However, there are important differences between the two companies. About 85% of UPS packages are shipped via truck, whereas FedEx is largely an aircraft shipping business with fast shipping. UPS is a union company, whereas FEDEX is largely nonunion.

FedEx is posting a website highly critical of their rival UPS attacking the proposed bailout plan. Few times do you see such "claw and nails" business competition as this.

For most folks, UPS and FedEx are just all about getting their Ebay item delivered. (Unfortunately, getting your Ebay package just isn't as sexy as this funny image might suggest . Check out their funny images there!)