Sunday, September 19, 2010

Actress Swoozie Kurtz Better Embrace For A Little Hate Mail

CBS's new comedy MIKE AND MOLLY looks like it may be a hit for the network's Monday night comedy lineup. Sandwiched just after TWO AND A HALF MEN and before the new version of HAWAII 5-0, MIKE AND MOLLY has a great opportunity to win fans and succeed. However actress Swoozie Kurtz better embrace for some hate mail because of her weekly fat jokes aimed at her daughter on the show.

Certainly fat jokes a low common denominator here. However, MIKE AND MOLLY is good enough that it can probably survive this sort of humor shtick. It may not be entirely politically correct in this present age of touchy feely feelings. But, the casting is great and the scripts funny enough that to bet that producer Chuck Lorre might have hit the nail on the head here.

While certainly not as good as either TWO AND HALF MEN or THE BIG BANG THEORY, MIKE AND MOLLY still has the potential to become endearing to many viewers. It's a comedy about two overweight people who meet at a support group meeting. The show debuts on Monday at 9:30

My best advice is to grab that extra helping of pie and just enjoy this show and get a few good laughs.


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