Saturday, September 18, 2010

DANCING WITH THE STARS Taping Brings Yet Another Embarrassing Palin Family Moment

Mother Sarah Palin attended the taping of DANCING WITH THE STARS to cheer on her daughter Bristol Palin. However, family value type voters may not be entirely happy with what they'll be seeing. DANCING WITH THE STARS debuts it's season premiere on Monday night on ABC.

Dancing to "Mama Told Me Not To Come" by Three Dog Night, which is about a bad experience in a drug house years before one of Three Dog Night's three lead singers actually ended up living in some broken down drug house is a great choice of songs to secure the family values audience. And 19 year old Bristol starts out in a conservative outfit that gets torn off during the performance into a more skimpy one. Although it's nowhere as bad as the Janet Jackson Super bowl performance by any means, this performance is sure to outrage a few family values types.

For a normal family this only sounds like more career suicide. However, the Palin family are like The Addams Family of American politics where no level of absurdity seems too great to completely dash any hopes of being taken as serious. Another outrageous celebrity moment here.

You can't make this stuff up!


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