Friday, September 17, 2010

Can Conan O'Brien's OUTLAW Survive The Hokey Premiere Episode?

Despite Conan O'Brien's public feud with NBC, his production company is airing the new drama OUTLAW on the Peacock network. However, the show is stuck in that deadend Friday 10pm time-slot.

OUTLAW unfortunately aired with a real hokey preview premiere episode that was nearly laughable in spots. Jimmy Smits supposedly played a very conservative Supreme Court Justice who suddenly becomes a liberal crusading lawyer who acts like a rebel one man legal force to right wrongs. If later episodes can just get past this hokey setup episode, then maybe this show can be accepted as just another rebel lawyer show. Just going with the rebel lawyer premise would have been far easier in the first place. But given the hokey setup and the deadend Friday time slot my hunch is that this show doesn't survive the full season without cancellation.

Conan O'Brien is a funny guy. But his OUTLAW is unintentionally funny. And that's not too good.


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