Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Camaro Tops Mustang In August Sports Car Sales

Camaro and Mustang have battled since the 60's for top sales rank. And that rivalry continues into this decade as well. August Camaro sales were 6,321, which isn't too bad for a car that could cost as much as $34,295 in full street warrior battle dress such as the 426hp 6.2liter V8 SS version. Mustang sales were a healthy 5,570 units, with a fresh 402hp of the 5.0liter V8 going into the 2011 models. Top of the high performance Mustangs can come in at $37,845, with other models starting at just $22,145.

#3 in the high performance sales roundup for August is the Dodge Challenger with 3,282 units sold. With the optional 6.1liter hemi V8 and full performance options, a top of the line Challenger can cost up to $41,230.

At #4, is the latest version of the James Bond car, the BMW Z4 with 1,201 units sold and a price tag as high as $61,050. The car is the best selling import name brand 2 seat roadster sold in the states. And performance is always excellent in this fine bit of machinery.

Corvette, America's original two seater sports car sold a healthy 1,135 units, which isn't too bad considering that models range from $48,950 to $109,800. Despite the steep price, the Corvette still ranks as one of the best high performance car bargains out there for the sheer quality for the price.

New technology has allowed new high performance cars to actually get relatively good mileage despite raw brutal horsepower. That's sure better than those older cars with 7-10mpg ratings.