Monday, September 20, 2010

China And Moscow Kick Off Big Auto Shows

As the Chinese and Russian economy and automobile business booms, both countries kick off big trade shows advertising their new cars. While the largest Chinese trade show is in Beijing, two other large Chinese cities host major auto shows such as Chengdu and the Dalian Auto Show in Lianing Province also kick off. Featured are many domestic brands as well luxury and sports cars including exotic entires from Mercedes and many luxury brands from Japan and Korea.

The Dalian Auto Show is so big that an average of 35,000 cars are likely to be sold at the show this year. Chinese models such as Chery, Great Wall, Jianghaui and Xiali are very popular local favorite models. And brands like Geely and BYD are making huge efforts to produce green vehicles with cutting edge engineering and designs. One new engine built by Chery, their bold 2liter VVT engine is considered to be one of the world's best engine designs right now.

In Moscow, Chinese models from Chery and other brands are beginning to gain traction in their market as more and more Russians share in the country's new prosperity since the Second Russian Revolution that brought new leadership to power.

Chinese auto production was 13,790,994 in 2009, followed by Japan at 7,934,516. The U.S. is barely at third place at 5,711, 823 units. Germany is fourth at 5,209, 857. South Korea is fifth at 3,512,916 and Brazil sixth at 3,182, 617. For 2010, the U.S. could possibly slip behind Germany.


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