Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Devo is back with their first album in 20 years! And, boy oh boy, they haven't lost anything over the years. The music is just as fresh and fun as ever. Warner Brothers even has them back on the old label as well.

SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY is just as good as any previous Devo release, with a few tracks such as "What We Do" a modern Devo classic. On the new Cd cover, "Fresh" is promoted as the lead track, but a few tracks seem much better than this one. It's a pretty good album and certainly not disappointing.

During their past run at the charts, Devo was only able to capture #14 on the charts with "Whip It" as a single in 1980. But some of their albums sold well enough to capture gold despite getting no higher than 22 on the U.S. charts. Like many American new wave era acts, some did far better in the UK or Australia. This album will probably do about the same. It has hit #30 on the U.S. charts which is pretty good for this band. The Cd should sell pretty well, but their singles less so. "Don't Shoot(I'm A Man) and "Fresh" both failed to even chart, while the album has done nicely.

If anything, the message of Devo of society de-evolving seems to be just as funny of social commentary as in the past. Devo always captured a great sense of social satire in their music. And their stage shows and theatrics always captured great images of bizarre humor. They have always been fun capturing the best of new wave, punk and art deco styles of music. It's great to have them back again!

The Bottom Line: A truly great return of one of the best and most fun new wave period acts of all time. +++(Good. Three Stars. Buy This Cd!)


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