Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Remember Laura Winslow From FAMILY MATTERS

Many fans fondly remember how young actress Kellie Shanygne Williams as playing Laura Winslow had to constantly fight off the romantic advances of Steve Urkiel on FAMILY MATTERS. Today at 34, Williams is all grown up and a mother and still quite the babe.

BTW, Steve Urkiel used to warn Laura Winslow that "I'm wearing you down babe, I'm wearing you down" with his romantic advances. Well, in the series finale Laura finally agreed to marry Steve Urkiel and the two supposedly are living happy ever after in imaginary TV-land somewhere in a beautiful home with baby Lauras and Steves. A beautiful and warm way to wind up this wonderful TV series.

A special thanks to TMZ for pulling up this photo of Williams from her Facebook page.