Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Airport Scanners Abused In Nigeria

Maybe you should blame a lack of good porn in Nigeria, but a major Nigerian newspaper reports that many male airport workers are getting their sexual kicks by abusing those new fangled airport scanners. Reportedly, workers would look over the crowd and wait until their favorite female would walk through to get a little sexual thrill.

In Nigeria, local religious customs result in more intense modesty, so naturally many Nigerians are outraged at this story. However, the scanners do fuzz out the face. However, the pictures do act somewhat as x-ray vision removing the clothes.

Interestingly, some of the world's best security experts such as those at the Ben Gurion Airport agree that the full body scanners really don't work well to prevent contraband from entering planes, so other more effective security methods are used in Israel..

If anything this story from Nigeria only proves two things. 1. Men are dogs. 2. That despite many advances, men in Nigeria still go to bed horny.