Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DVD Review: IRON MAN 2

The DVD of the second installment in the IRON MAN series debuts today. And while still a great film, it is just not as good as the first film from 2008 by any stretch of the imagination. But the film manages to advance along the story of Multi-billionaire Tony Stark who has now publicly acknowledged himself as being Iron Man. However, the bitter son of a former business associate from Russia, Ivan Vanko, plans revenge developing a whip-like weapon that uses electro-magnetic energy to slice objects. Mickey Rourke makes an effective villain here.

Certainly, the special effects in IRON MAN 2 are well work buying this on Blu Ray disc, along with the special features. This is still a top notch film to own, while not comparable to the first outing. But, heck any film made on about a $200 million dollar budget can't be all that bad. Make no mistake, this is a big film here and belongs in any good well stocked DVD or Blu Ray library. A must have.

The Bottom Line: Not great, but still quite good. But, this film has great sets and moments and will still be a favorite of yours. Well worth the price of admission. +++(Three stars, or good).