Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ice Bear Trike's 150cc Baby Brother

While the bigger two cylinder V-twin engined Ice Bear Road Warrior trike is their biggest and best motorcycle model, Ice Bear also has a smaller 150cc single cylinder trike also available. Interestingly, the smaller trike is comparable in size to many average two wheeled street bikes at 98inch, which is a good deal shorter than the larger 119 inch big brother trike model. But, it lacks the springer style front end of the larger trike. And the rear suspension is much more basic motorcycle as well with two shocks much like normal two wheeled bikes. The bigger model features a more advanced four shock setup. While no doubt a very good bike for the money, the smaller bike probably rides just as nicely like any normal good quality street bike. But, the larger bike has a better ride thanks to the advanced suspension system and a much longer wheelbase. You just won't feel the choppy street ride thanks to the better suspension on the bigger model.

The rear tires are real interesting. They are just about 15inch, on cast wheels and look much like any normal 15 inch steer automobile tires, so they might be easily interchangeable with other cool looking 15 inch tires. You might be able to mount some wider rubber on this bike if the fenders will allow it.

The smaller trike does offer some other features not available on the larger Harley styled trike. It features a tach and a voltmeter, which are both handy features. With the tach, it may help to judge which rpm range to shift gears by, although listening to the engine always seems far best. And a kick start feature is available as well on the small trike. The smaller trike should also be a little easier to park in smaller spaces. The big trike is big like an automobile and requires a larger area to park. But the bigger trike does offer a reverse gear feature not available on the smaller 150cc trike. Both are five speed manual transmission models. But the smaller trike does manage to offer a little bit of the rake angle to the front forks, and should be slightly easier to steer, although the long extended forks of the bigger model does steer surprisingly tighter than it looks.

Ice Bear offers amazing values on their motorcycles. A good Harley trike conversion may start at $45,000. And Ridley trikes start at $26,000. The biggest Ice Bear trike can be found for as little as $3,999 stateside, with the smaller 150 model less money yet. These are great motorcycle values. Ice Bear motorcycles are worth certainly worth considering for the value conscious buyer who'd like a good starter motorcycle trike to enjoy.


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