Sunday, September 26, 2010

Review: SNL Season Opener A Little Uneven

SNL's season premiere was a little uneven and shaky last night, although former SNL member Amy Poehler did her very best as host to rescue the show. Katy Perry was reasonable enough as a musical guest, but a little better when she she performed in a bit making fun of her Sesame Street breast uproar. Perry wore a skin tight Elmo T-shirt during the "Bronx Beat" segment was pretty obvious of a sight gag, but needed to be done.

But, it was the opening segment that probably tried way too hard to be funny. It was a spoof on wacky Delaware senate candidate Christine O'Donnell. The real O'Donnell seems funny enough, but no, SNL had to greatly embellish her wackiness with some jokes about masturbation that seemingly went on forever. Further, some gags about dog fighting were more embellishing of her actual conduct. But Kristen Wiig played this poorly written segment about as well as she could, and rode off on a witches' broom at the end of the segment. At least the close of this bit was good.

Some high points of the show were a really funny spoof on those Bosley hair replacement ads. This was a SNL classic. "The Ground Zero Mosque" ad was a real classic as well. Simply hilarious. But, "The Little Hat" bit, as well as the "Digital Short" of "Boogerman" weren't good at all. But, Amy Poehler sure did well to elevate "Weekend Update" to "A" grade status.

The season opener sure wasn't a classic by any means. But, there were some pretty good moments in the show. Just average in my view. Better luck next week, SNL.


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