Thursday, September 23, 2010

NBC'S Controversial Comedy, OUTSOURCED, Debuts Tonight

NBC's new and controversial comedy, OUTSOURCED, is set to debut tonight. But, audience reaction is likely to be mixed. As the American economy lags while the economies of nation like China and India make great advances at the expense of American jobs, not everyone may find OUTSOURCED all that funny. Others won't feel that the writing, jokes or even premise are all that funny either. But, still fans of THE OFFICE and other NBC comedies just might find OUTSOURCED to be delightful.

OUTSOURCED is actually based off a 2006 film that was critically praised. However, with recessionary pressures of recent years, will many people may not want to laugh. Could the new NBC show be viewed as tasteless for these times and bomb. Previews by critics have had mixed results including one who felt this to be one of the worst new shows of the year. A Facebook campaign is working to boycott the show as offensive.

Tune in tonight at 9:30 and decide for yourself.


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