Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Charlie Sheen Headed To Jail

It looks like any attempt by lawyers for Charlie Sheen to keep the actor out of jail have failed. It looks like he'll get a 30 day sentence, which probably means more like 17 or 18 days with good behavior besides having to take an anger management course.

Sheen hoped to avoid jail altogether. Prosecutors didn't go for that given his troubled history of problems. But he does avoid more serious felony time though, and won't have to plead guilty to a felony offense, only a misdemeanor offense.

At least Sheen will have plenty of time to get this jail time issue behind him before the Summer filming of TWO AND A HALF MEN resumes. So don't look for any episodes to be filmed inside the joint.
Sad how his "dream wedding" turned into a legal nightmare.


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