Thursday, May 27, 2010

MACGRUBER: SNL's Latest Box Office Bomb?

SNL's latest attempt to blow up a three minute comedy skit into a full film hasn't gone very well. While the movie is less than terrible, it only grossed just $4 million last weekend at the box office. Not great numbers by any means. But, for a $10 million dollar budget film that's probably nearly good enough considering future DVD sales, rentals, etc.

MACGRUBER is based off a parody of the former long running ABC action series, MACGYVER. MACGYVER ran on ABC from from 1985-92. And while MACGYVER was eternally resourceful, MACGRUBER is a total bumbler, where things constantly go wrong. Real wrong.

SNL regular Will Forte both wrote the script and stars as MACGYVER in the film. But his SNL costar, Kristen Wiig, often manages to steal the show and prove herself to be the far greater talent here.

MACGRUBER is probably better than some SNL skit based films in retrospective. But that's hardly saying a great deal here. Yet, the film has plenty of funny moments.

Now, whether it breaks even for the producers is the next issue at hand. But a $4 million opening last week certainly wasn't a great performance. But maybe the best news of all here is that SNL actress Kristen Wiig has two years left on her contract with the show and could renew. That's certainly better news than some feeble attempts to expand some SNL skits into full feature films.


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