Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dennis Hopper Dead

The great actor and director, Dennis Hopper, has passed away at home at his Los Angeles home today from prostate cancer. He was 74. Normally, prostate cancer is a very slow growing disease, however in the case of Dennis Hopper it had metastasized to his bones, making the disease untreatable. Dennis Hopper was unfortunately recently troubled with a difficult divorce as well. His doctor had advised the actor to avoid stress and try to live as comfortable as possible.

Dennis Hopper had a long film career starting with the 1955 James Dean classic, REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE. But it was his first film that he directed, EASY RIDER, from 1969, where Hopper won huge critical praise as an excellent filmmaker. He was an immensely talented actor and director both.

Although Hopper was often viewed as a Hollywood rebel, he was actually conservative leaning in his politics and supported the Republican Party, which was something more rare among the more liberal leaning Hollywood community.

Dennis Hopper was either nominated or had won numerous awards in his long career. His son Henry Hopper has followed in his father's footsteps, and is quickly establishing an acting career of his own.

I got to meet Henry Hopper last year while he was working on a Gus Van Sant project being shot at my Clinton Market grocery store in Portland, Oregon . I had the opportunity to tell Henry Hopper how much I appreciated his father's works such as EASY RIDER. The younger Hopper was a very nice young actor, and seemed very appreciative of the love and respect that I have for the Hopper family who have established a great dynasty of entertainers, with the son certainly carrying on the family tradition.

I just want the Hopper family know that they have my full respect and prayers at this very difficult time.

Rest peacefully, Dennis Hopper. You were a great actor and director. Cinema is so much better because of your great contributions. You were a true legend.


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