Monday, May 31, 2010


Just in time to wreck Spring & Summer is the dreadful R-rated comedy, COSTA RICAN SUMMER. And, I can tell you that without a doubt that this is the very worst movie I've seen so far this year.

While the tropical scenery is a big plus, this pathetic surf sex comedy has very else little good going for it. Pam Anderson stars as the dream girl for a washed-up drunken former surf champ who must win a surf contest or else leave Costa Rica. I can tell you that Pam Anderson offered up a totally effortless performance here that could have been phoned in.

Equally pathetic, aspiring actresses, Sheila Platte and Dena Kollar both allowed themselves to be cast as Swedish girls who repeatedly remove their bikini tops in this film for no good reason other than to show some boobs and get an R-rating. Dena Kollar has an especially good work resume and needs to find much better work. Kollar has appeared in THE GHOST WHISPERER and UGLY BETTY before, and has much more talent than this awful crap would suggest. She can sing, dance as well as act. But, you sure wouldn't know that from this horrid film.
Producers that make awful films like this have goal in mind; parting teenage kids of their hard earned allowance money. Sometimes they succeed with this fleecing of the flocks. But, this movie hardly succeeds on any level other than just being a generic teenage trash film.
You know that this comedy is really reaching hard when the drunken character throws up on one of the girls, which wasn't even very funny to begin with, but makes a later reference to this to remind the audience as though this was some great comedy moment.
While AMERICAN PIE and other films aimed at teenage audiences do a far better job delivering the raunchy laughs, COSTA RICAN SUMMER attempts to have more of a softer and warm vacation feel to it. But it really falls flat. Real flat.
Not a very good film at all.
The Bottom Line: A dreadful little summer sex comedy that's hardly a good film on any level at all. Barely acceptable entertainment. Prepare to lose an hour and a half of your life and never get it back watching this dreck. +(One star crap of the very worst garden variety. A perfectly good blank DVD gave it's life to create this film. Now it's dead.).