Monday, May 31, 2010

Washington State Hits, Beer, Candy, Sodas With New Taxes

Washington state is hoping to climb it's way out of it's own budget shortfalls by some new taxes on beer, candy, bottled water and sodas. While some health claims were made to boost the new taxes, the real truth is that a serious state shortfall of funds is the primary reason for these new tax increases that kick in on Tuesday, June 1.

Interestingly, the new tax would add 28cents to the cost of a major brand six pack of beer, while the new tax strangely exempts craft beers which are often produced in either Washington or Oregon. But, the beverage industry in the state claims that it is already suffering from a $40 million dollar sales reduction due to the recession, and new taxes will only further harm sales.

Candy and bottled water would be hit with the state's 6% sales tax for the first time in history, proving that the tax man is now reaching into the pockets of little children looking for any extra change to pay himself.

Sodas go up 2cents per 12oz. can thanks to a new tax which claims to be aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles. The real truth is that overpaid state bureaucrats refuse to accept a little less work hours or pay cuts unlike other private sector individuals have.

Certainly vital state services need funds. However, this nickel and dime stuff under the phony guise of healthy lifestyles is a dishonest attempt to mask the serious money problems that Washington state wrestles with.


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