Thursday, May 27, 2010

One Cool 1968 AMC Rebel Convertible

Some proud owners of some great cars sometimes post their toys on-line. And at an AMC club event, the Spot Cruise, this magnificent example of a custom 1968 AMC Rebel convertible showed up. Sporting an AMC Rebel Machine hood, and hopefully the custom dual four barrel crossfire intake manifold, this is one very nice convertible.

The AMC Rebel Machine had a very impressive 340hp. But why stop there, when custom intake manifolds and other parts could boost the power to absurdly brutal numbers.

AMC convertibles in general are pretty rare. The company never built that many. And this beautiful car represents one of the last of the line. In 1967, less than 1,700 were built by AMC. In 1968, even less were produced before AMC exited the convertible market until the last days when Renault owned a 49% share in the company and produced an Alliance convertible.

Long live the convertible!