Thursday, May 27, 2010

AMERICAN IDOL Rolls Out The Big Finale

You've got to give FOX and AMERICAN IDOL real credit for rolling out a huge monster May sweeps month finale. AMERICAN IDOL put on the big show last night with a huge spectacular TV event that lasted two hours and 7 minutes. It was a grand event nearly equal to the Oscars with tons of great guest star performers.

Perhaps, the biggest surprise of the night was the win of Lee DeWyze(who looks a little bit like a young version of country music star Vince Gill). Crystal Bowersox was widely expected to win. But, regardless, both should become signed musical acts with recording contracts to follow. Other top finalists from the show will follow them on a touring AMERICAN IDOL road show traveling through the nation over the coming months. No doubt, a few others will find themselves under recording contracts as well.

Bret Michaels made a stage return, fresh from cheating death recently. His performance was pretty good considering what he went through recently, and inspiring to say the least.

Janet Jackson made a great musical performance, proving, that like her famous late brother, she's an awesome talent that hasn't really lost a beat after years of performing.

Shock rocker Alice Cooper made a great appearance with dancers dressed as schoolgirls. It was a perfect twisted sick Alice Cooper fantasy.

Tarnished pop star Christina Aguilera did a more conventional performance proving her musical talents. It's an important rehabilitation after her poorly received music video and single which seemed like a bottom tier Lady Gaga ripoff sank her planned Summer tour.

Last night's finale was the swan song for Simon Cowell as well. He'll move on to other opportunities. Bu,t Paula Abdul made a return visit and was mostly amusing in her honor of Simon.

And last, if not really least, the horrid but lovable William Hung made a small appearance as well, providing small inspiration to every bath and shower singer to keep reaching for the stars.


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