Sunday, May 02, 2010

Country Singer Coming Out As Gay This Week

Country singer Chely Wright had a #1 single with "Single White Female" back in 1999. She's had many hit albums. Now, she's going to challenge the normally conservative leaning fans of country music with whether or not to accept that's she's gay. On May 4th her new album, LIFTED OFF THE GROUND debuts along with a blockbuster new story featured in PEOPLE Magazine about her big personal announcement.
The attractive 39year old singer is likely to surprise more than a few fans with her bombshell announcement this week.

LIFTED OFF THE GROUND will be the seventh studio album for the singer, and should include some singles as well. And the country star has had good success in the past both on her own, and as a songwriter for the likes of Brad Paisley, Richard Marx, Mindy Smith and Clay Walker.

How country music fans will accept the gayness of the artist is a big question mark. Will it make a difference with airplay, Cd sales or concert bookings? Will those fans in country music accept that a small number of the artists they love or gay or not? Should it even matter?


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