Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gilbert Gottfried Will Sell You An Autographed DVD For $29.95

Great comic Gilbert Gottfried has a big deal for you. In a section on his website colorfully entitled, "Buy My Shit", he'll sell you a personally autographed DVD of his comedy show, DIRTY JOKES, for a mere $29.95. Not a bad deal at all to own a DVD of one of the best comics around.

Gilbert's a natural born comic genius. At the early age of 15, Gilbert recognized his future in comedy and began to skip school for bookings at comedy clubs instead. Naturally, his parents were none too pleased. But Gilbert had it right and began to get gigs and earn money.

His unique raspy voiced style became his trademark, making every joke very funny just because of the outrageous delivery. And the producers of SNL signed him to the cast, however his style to do outrageous ad-libs got him into trouble on the show and he was fired from the cast after just 12 episodes.

However, Gilbert's style to do wacky ad-libs has also worked to his advantage. Over the years, Gilbert Gottfried did some great comedy spots for Jay Leno's version of THE TONIGHT SHOW. Gilbert is also a favorite of radio great Howard Stern, appearing more times on his show than any other guest ever.

Part of Gilbert Gottfried's humor style is to tell controversial jokes about news items way too soon just to get a nervous laugh from the audience. Just three weeks after the 9/11 attacks, Gottfried told a joke related to these attacks, but then being a master of timing, pulled back and launched into his classic telling of "The Aristocrats" joke. Gottfried also managed a ghoulish joke from the death of actress Miranda Richardson as well on his website for his fans.

Gilbert is featured in three movies so far this year, as well as has a few comedy dates coming up in the next few months as well. He's always in demand, but will still find time to do a new gig when asked. He might make comedy look easy and fun, but he's a hard working decent guy who loves his fans and frequently will write fans.

Heck, for $29.95 his autographed comedy DVD makes either a really great gift, or a really nice Frisbee, depending on your tastes.

Bonus Gilbert Gottfried Trivia Moment: Did you know that the comic used to use lawn furniture in his living room because he was so thrifty? Unbelievable, but true!