Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Charlie Sheen Channels His Best Ross Perot Impersonation

First he's out, then he's in, then he's back out again. No, I'm not talking about Ross Perot. TWO AND A HALF MEN star Charlie Sheen is talking about leaving the show once again, only 8 days before CBS needs to know whether to renew the show or not. Talk about a May sweeps cliffhanger!

Rumors are that that Sheen could potentially make up to $100 million if he'd sign a two year contract deal to stay with the show. But, it seems like negotiations are miles apart right now, and hardly even close. Further, as Sheen struggles with sobriety, the script of the show reminds him of too many problems with drinking and trouble with girlfriends and wives.

It might just be that the lure of as much as $100 million for a two year deal just isn't enough to keep Sheen away from the head space he needs from his problems right now. Then again, showing up at work, sober and ready to work can be good therapy as well.

Stay tuned! The fate of TWO AND A HALF MEN hangs in the balance!


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