Sunday, May 23, 2010

Former Survivor Producer Dogged By Investigation Into Wife's Death

Bruce Beresford-Redman has had some very interesting days recently. The former producer of SURVIVOR wasn't allowed to leave Mexico until this weekend, due to an investigation into the mysterious death of his wife.

It appears that Beresford-Redman took out a life insurance policy for his wife just one day before they took a trip to Mexico. Then, she was murdered in Mexico and her body appeared in a sewer. Mexican authorities didn't allow Beresford-Redman to leave the country while they conducted an investigation into the mysterious murder death of Monica Beresford-Redman.
One witness claimed that he saw the couple fighting. Another report claims that Beresford-Redman had some scratch marks on him after his wife disappeared. Mexican authorities questioned Beresford-Redman about the disappearance and refused to allow him to leave Mexico while they worked on resolving the case.

Strangely, the Australian-born Beresford-Redman has just signed a deal to bring a new TV show to the CW network this Fall despite this whirlwind.

Until the case is resolved, a large cloud of issues only dog this TV show producer. Beresford-Redman has not been accused of any crime, and is using a lawyer to seek custody of his two children. His parents now have temporary custody.