Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Resurrection Of Charlie Sheen

Things may be finally looking up for TWO AND A HALF MEN star Charlie Sheen. It looks likely that he's going to emerge from his stint in rehab in nicely freshed-up condition. It also appears that his lawyer has worked out a deal with the prosecutors in his domestic violence case to downgrade the charges to some minor criminal mischief charge for breaking his wife's glasses.

Further, it looks likely that Charlie Sheen will sign a two year deal with TWO AND A HALF MEN and be back again after all. Maybe, his threats to leave were only a ploy to get even higher wages. Maybe, Sheen finally realized that he would be crazy to walk away the big money he's earning now.

However, reportedly CBS is putting intense pressure on Sheen to wrap up legal problems by May 19, otherwise they are uneasy to renew TWO AND A HALF MEN without Charlie Sheen in the cast, despite it's flagship comedy ratings, so the fate of this show is actually hanging in the win. THE BIG BANG THEORY, also from the same production company draws numbers nearly equal to TWO AND A HALF MEN, and could always become the new flagship comedy at CBS if worse comes to worse. But, likely TWO AND HALF MEN goes two more years with Sheen, and then retires.
The bottom line is that the fate of Charlie Sheen will decide the fate of TWO AND A HALF MEN.


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