Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I know some of you may think that Rob Schneider is the kiss of death to any movie. But, hey, AMERICAN VIRGIN has a few enjoyable moments. And even Rob Schneider couldn't take that away. This movie isn't exactly high art by any means, but it's still a fun sex comedy geared at young college audiences and the DVD is worth a spin or two.

Rob Schneider plays an absurd Joe Francis type promoter of girl flasher videos like GIRLS GONE WILD called GIRLS GO CRAZY, and when a cute young college aged Catholic virgin girl thinks that she went wild on camera because of some vodka laced Jello cubes, she embarks on a mission to get the video back and save her college scholarship.

Not a great film by any means. But there's a few good sexy laughs. And Schneider plays the role well as the sleazy flasher video promoter.

The Bottom Line: If like both comedy and boobs, or just comedy, or just boobs, or boobs and then comedy, there's something for you in this low-brow comedy. It's not great. The laughs are cheap. But, heck, for Rob Schneider this show isn't that bad. In a low rent sort of way, Rob Schneider has an appeal. ++(Two stars out of four, or fair).


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