Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Missing Farrah Fawcett Tribute Spurs Continued Outrage

The bosses at the Oscars offered up a pretty poor excuse why a tribute for the late actress Farrah Fawcett was not offered up during their yearly tribute to deceased entertainers. They claimed that there just wasn't enough room or time, and that they could honor every actor or Hollywood figure that passed away that previous year. Ryan O'Neil, longtime lover of Farrah Fawcett has drafted a complaint letter to the Oscars about the omission of Farrah Fawcett. Even film critic and screen writer Roger Ebert has taken up the cause as well. Actress Jane Fonda was reportedly "shocked" at the omission.

Beyond her brief TV role as the most popular "angel" on CHARLIE'S ANGELS, Farrah Fawcett was a famous pop icon poster queen and acted in roles in films like LOGAN"S RUN, MYRA BRECKENRIDGE, SATURN 3, EXTREMITIES and many more films. Why she was not included in the yearly Oscar tribute will likely remain a controversy for days.