Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Charlie Sheen's Personal Problems Endangering TWO AND A HALF MEN

You heard it here first. We warned you that Charlie Sheen's latest batch of personal problems might just derail the filming of TWO AND HALF MEN and possiby endanger the wildly popular comedy series. Now, it's happened. Charlie Sheen was a no-show for Monday and Tuesday's scheduled shoots. Now, amid new problems with Charlie Sheen entering rehab according to a TMZ report, as well as potential bail problems stemming from his domestic charge, filming for the #1 comedy in the U.S. is being suspended for at least two weeks.

It is still possible that the series will go on and the remaining six episodes including the season finale can still be shot in time for CBS to continue to air the series without interruption. However, the mounting problems for Charlie Sheen are only making the future of this series look considerably clouded.


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