Monday, February 22, 2010

The Undertaker Suffers Minor Burn Injuries At Elimination Chamber Event

Popular WWE wrestler, The Undertaker, suffered some minor burn injuries last night when a pyrotechnic explosion went out of control and engulfed him in flames. Amazingly, after suffering minor chest burns comparable to a sunburn, the wrestler proved himself to be a real trooper and carried on with the event.

For the last several weeks, The Elimination Chamber event had been built up by the WWE. And in St. Louis where the huge pay-per-view event was staged, the accident was an unexpected event that could have derailed the show. But The Undertaker(real name Mark William Calaway), proved that he's a real tough customer and just shook off the injuries after a medic checked him out.

Calaway, born in 1965, is a 6 foot 10 1/2 inch man mountain who was a former high school basketball player. He is huge fan of custom Harley Davidson motorcycles and loves heavy metal rock acts as well as Nick Cave music, although he also loves both country and blues. And despite his extreme very "tough customer" image, Calaway is actually a very generous and decent man who started a research fund at Texas A&M College Of Veterinary Medicine to help to save the lives of large breed dogs. Calaway is also looking beyond his good wrestling years , and has become a partner in a real estate construction business and recently finished construction on a $2.7 million dollar office complex in Loveland, Colorado.
Calaway adds that being a television star is a major door opener that really helps him in the real estate business. But as his other persona, The Undertaker, he's one of most intimidating presenses ever in the ring. Fortunately, he wasn't badly injured when things went wrong last night. But being on fire is a fair enough reason for The Undertaker to have to break character for a few moments while he's being checked out by a doctor.


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