Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jamie Gillis, 1970's Adult Film Legend Dead At 66

Jamie Gillis, the controversial but very popular 1970's adult film actor has died at the age of 66. Gillis was best known for numerous appearances with his then girlfriend, Serena, in many adult films, often with very extreme and hard content such as BDSM themes, playing dominant roles.
Gillis was actually trained to be a mainstream actor, and certainly was a powerful on-screen presence in any movie in which he appeared, but by the 1970's he seemed drawn to the world of adult films, although Gillis had made some film appearances in a few mainstream movies as well.
Gillis was born in New York, NY, and was a graduate of Columbia University. He once worked as a cab driver while trying to find work as an actor. He answered an ad in THE VILLAGE VOICE for a nude model once, and slowly began to find work in the adult entertainment industry.
Recently, Gillis had been suffering from cancer and finally died of the disease. Some reports claim that Gillis was actually bisexual, and he had starred in at least one all male film as well. While never as popular as either John Holmes or Ron Jeremy ever were, Gillis was still a highly recognizable star in many films, both adult and mainstream.


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