Saturday, February 20, 2010

Huey Lewis Performs His Solo Version Of "We Are The World"

Pop singer Huey Lewis was apparently not invited to join in on latest version of "We Are The World". So, he decided to take matters into his own hands and do a little solo version of the song on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE. Okay. But it did provide a few funny moments.

Huey Lewis was part of the original 1985 version of the song. However, for the JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE version, Lewis did funny parodies of other singers including absurd wigs and costumes. It was a great TV moment.

Although, not the huge pop chart presence that he once was, Huey Lewis And The News still continue to perform. This band has existed since 1979, and has had 19 top ten pop chart songs as well as many top selling albums. During the 1980's Huey Lewis was one of the greatest pop charts performers of that decade. And although Huey Lewis sometimes reminds a person of a nightclub performer in many ways, he's still a great front-man for a long running rock and roll outfit. Last night, he proved himself to be a great sport and open to a little self-parody.


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