Sunday, February 21, 2010

Recorded Version Of 'Pants On The Ground" Debuts At #46 On BILLBOARD HOT 100

Just like a bad cold or the flu, you just knew it was coming on. General Larry Pratt's outrageous song, "Pants On The Ground" has finally debuted on the BILLBOARD Hot 100 charts this week, making him the first contestant this year from AMERICAN IDOL to have a hit record. Even more impressive, on the Top 40 Digital downloads chart, the General debuted at #22. An awesome feat.

After an outrageous and laughable appearance from the 62 year old singer on AMERICAN IDOL a few weeks back, his silly song about the fashion trend of some young men wearing very low hanging pants became a sort of hit, but no recorded version existed. A recording company rushed to offer the older singer a contract and to get the song to the market. Now after a few weeks have passed, the song seems to be gaining traction and has the potential to be a hit single.

Actually, the low slung pants look has become some gang members and some kids into the Hip Hop culture scene. Probably, they are no fans of the song by the General and won't be rushing out to buy a copy. Whether this fashion look can endure the onslaught wrought on by the General's song remains to be seen.


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