Monday, February 22, 2010

Cd Review:The Who's A QUICK ONE(Japanese Limited Edition)

If you're a major league fan of The Who with an extra $129.59 burning a hole in your pocket, then you just can't live without getting the definitive version of A QUICK ONE. This limited edition Japanese 2 cd version of the second album by The Who from 1966 is produced in ultra-high quality SHM-Cd format sound that is compatible with any normal Cd player. It is set to debut on April 6, 2010.

Besides the original album reproduced in monophonic sound on disc one, disc two includes the album in stereo along with a number of rare and unreleased tracks. Remastered from the best possible remaining master recordings of the original songs existing at the time, there are 45 tracks total on the two Cds.

While this album has been reissued before, the much higher quality of the SHM-Cd format sound and the unique new remastering made solely for this album make this the best possible version of A QUICK ONE ever released. The previous best release of the album only had just 20 tracks as well. 45 tracks is far better.

A QUICK ONE has always been a little bit interesting with fans as well, because managers for the The Who had urged all of the band members to contribute songs for the album, so some interesting songs by both Keith Moon and John Entwistle also appeared on the album. Keith Moon's strange little instrumental piece, "Cobwebs And Strange" is a little gem. And John Entwistle also proves he's a skillful writer in his classic, "Boris The Spider" and "Whiskey Man". Far beyond just Pete Townshend's writing for the band, A QUICK ONE well proves that The Who were a true supergroup just like The Beatles.

A QUICK ONE also comes attractively packaged in a paper sleeve boxset form that reproduces the original UK artwork of the 1966 album. The album also includes the content of the EP, READY STEADY GO as well.

The Bottom Line: An excellent package that no true fan of The Who should have to live without, although the $129.59 price is steep(that's the sale price at Cd Universe) ++++(four out of four stars).


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