Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some CBS Shows Look Likely To Be Canceled For 2010-2011 Season

Several CBS shows appear to be in serious danger of facing cancellation as CBS may attempt to free up time for several new shows with a higher potential of success. The once popular COLD CASE appears to have faded enough in ratings that CBS will very likely cancel this once great series. And as good as NUMB3RS is, the future doesn't too look too good at all for this series either. The critically acclaimed but ratings soft, THE GOOD WIFE, will likely be renewed though, as CBS might hope for a possible growing audience shift to this show.
One other drama that was a purchase from NBC, MEDIUM, may also be in some danger of cancellation as well. Unfortunately, as good as this show is, most of it's best days were from it's past life over at NBC. Often, moving shows to another network isn't always a good move. But in the case of JAG, it worked excellent. JAG also helped to spin off the super-successful NCIS franchise for CBS as well, so this move was nothing short of brilliant for CBS.

And with comedies, CBS will probably pick at least two to cancel from OLD CHRISTINE, GARY UNMARRIED and ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE. In March, CBS is planning to send ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE over to the Wednesday time slot held by GARY UNMARRIED, which isn't particularly good news for either show. It means that both shows are under-performers and in great cancellation danger.

CBS is such a successful network that it cannot afford under-performing shows that drag down it's overall ratings strength and ratings dominance. CBS is only likely to make moves to strengthen it's network share and a few tired shows are more than likely to get the ax.


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