Sunday, January 31, 2010

GoDaddy's Big Biker Daddy, Bob Parsons

Bob Parsons, founder of is a huge motorcycle fan, and even owns a Ducati dealership as well as a collection of cool custom bikes. Ducati and BMW bikes tend to be among his favorites, although Harleys and custom choppers he both owns and loves as well. Those Orange County AMERICAN CHOPPER boys even built him a real nice custom bike once before. But Parsons really considers himself to be more among the "sport biker" crowd compared to the "lifestyle biker" crowd. Comparably speaking, Parsons views the "sports bikers" as the "nerds" among bikers. Okay.

But, it's been quite a ride for Bob Parsons who signed up for Marines back in 1968, only to be seriously wounded in Vietnam and to spend months recovering in a military hospital. By 1984, Parsons had the vision to get into the future of computers, which he envisioned to be a coming technology and laid the foundation for the first of three technology companies that he would found and be the sole stockholder of.

Parsons has made so much money in his domain name registration and technology businesses that he is well known for being one of the most charitable of all American businessmen. Parsons has been way out front with aid to the Haiti earthquake victims, as well as financial aid to preventing child abuse, domestic violence, teenage homelessness, animal shelters, and other charities. GoDaddy even has an online application for charity groups to fill out to be considered for grants and funding. Compared to critics of like the self-important Robert Peters of Morality In Media, who only lines his own pockets from donations as well as taxpayer paid for government grants, Bob Parsons is a decent, charitable and honest businessman of the highest caliber who gives lots to others. Parsons feels blessed, and loves to share it.

GoDaddy has become well known for their funny and slightly inappropriate ads that they run during the Super Bowl, featuring Indy racer Danica Patrick as well other models. This year CBS turned down one ad that the network felt was demeaning to Gay men entitled, "Lola", after the old Kinks song about a gender-bending cross-dresser. But four other ads are posted on the GoDaddy website that might see the light of day on this year's Super Bowl.


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