Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New "Pants On The Ground" Controversy

A new controversy has rocked that goofy little, "Pants On The Ground" song, that was performed by General Larry Pratt on AMERICAN IDOL recently. It appears that The Green Brothers, a Detroit rap act, recorded a song with a lot of similarity back in 1996, entitled, "Back Pockets On The Floor".

Interestingly, the lead singer of The Green Brothers is an older gentleman as well, adding even more similarity to the General Larry Pratt song.

Is General Larry Pratt an original or not? Regardless, The Green Brothers recently posted their 1996 video back on online recently so that people can hear their song as well.

"Hey, that's my crappy song!", "No, that's my crappy song!", "Hey, I took all of a minute to write it!"....... The controversy that means nothing drags on.


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