Thursday, January 28, 2010's Potential Super Bowl Ads Condemned By Extremist Morality In Media Organization has released a preview of five new potential funny or attention grabbing Super Bowl ads on their website. Indy racer Danica Patrick is featured in some of them. However, strangely, one ad called "Lola" was turned downed by CBS because it might be viewed as offensive to Gay men. You can watch this ad on the GoDaddy website and make up your own mind about it.

Danica Patrick also loves the opportunity to appear as sexy and more feminine, and to soften her image. So often she feels that her image as a nails-tough racing competitor is her most public image. Make no mistake about it, Danica Patrick is a tough and serious athlete. But she loves opportunities to be viewed as a sexy and desirable woman as well. And what woman wouldn't want that?

Last year, GoDaddy ads featuring Danica Patrick had a funny take on beaver animals. That ad can also be viewed over on their website as well. However, political extremist Bob Peters, of the far right wing, Morality In Media Organization is not very amused. Peters concocted some sort of screwball and far out scenario on his own Morality In Media website, claiming that may be involved in promoting criminal obscenity. Outrageous.

But crackpots like Bob Peters aren't deterring at all. You can expect some new funny and attention grabbing ads that people will talk about for days afterwards.

From a business angle, uses their edgy and outrageous ads to drive viewers to use their website. Getting noticed is central to that goal. Jokers, like Bob Peters that have no concept whatsoever of how American enterprise really works, and don't seem to understand simple concepts like this. If ads didn't work, business wouldn't spend so much money for them. Hey, GoDaddy Go.