Thursday, January 28, 2010

WWE Picks Superstar Wrestler Of The Day, Until He Was Arrested After Hitting A Woman

It was a rotten publicity day for the WWE Wrestling organization as it chose Greg "The Hurricane" Helms as their "Superstar Of The Day", until he was arrested later that day after hitting a woman and two men in a early morning public intoxication incident. The woman decided not to pursue charges against Helms, so he was only charged with public intoxication for the incident.

It seems that WWE professional wrestlers, Greg Helms, Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho were traveling in a taxi Wednesday morning. But then some sort of a drunken altercation took place, and the three professional wrestlers ran from the incident scene. However, when Helms returned to the incident scene, he was arrested. Wrestler Chris Jericho was also arrested. But so far, police are not seeking to charge Matt Hardy for any actions in the incident.


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