Thursday, January 28, 2010

Portland Trailblazer Center Greg Oden Becomes Latest Internet Nude Star

For some odd and crazy reason, celebrities just don't quite seem to understand that when they decide to shoot some nude photos of themselves and send them out to friends, that someone, somewhere, is only likely to post them on the Internet or sell them. And then that celebrity has to expend a lot of energy or legal resources to stop those photos and to prevent any further damage. Former HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL star, Vanessa Hudgens had to learn that lesson, twice. Now Portland Trailblazers center Greg Oden is learning that lesson as well.

It seems that Oden once decided that snapping a few pictures of his full frontal manhood seemed like a great idea. But when some "friend" decided these photos were pretty good for cash or exchange, and they started to appear on the Internet. Now, Oden has to pay a lawyer to write letters to some websites asking them to please, pretty please, remove the photos.

This isn't the worse scandal to hit the Portland Trailblazers. A few years ago, some of the Trailblazers guys decided that having sex with some underage 15 girls from a Salt Lake City shopping mall seemed like a pretty good idea. In between that were various arrests for drugs and other problems.

Oden was once the #1 draft pick in the NBA. But since his stint with the Blazers, he's gone through long down periods with injuries. So what does a bored millionaire athlete do with all their free time? Well, shoot a few full frontal nude pictures in the floor length mirror and Email them out to enough people to cause yourself a little trouble.

Meanwhile, I was contemplating shooting some pictures of myself to post online. But, I just don't think that anyone is really interested in 54 year old Wizbang Pop blogger nudes. So, I probably won't bother.


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