Friday, January 29, 2010

Jay Leno's Four Month Old Set Will Get Facelift, But Not Jay

Barely used, Jay Leno's new studio will be given a facelift during the Winter Olympics downtime. When Jay Leno returns to the air as host of THE TONIGHT SHOW, the set will look should more resemble the traditional set, with a desk and other touches. But Jay Leno apparently won't be getting any facelift himself, although he looked a little older and grayer during his short failed THE JAY LENO SHOW prime-time flop.

Hey NBC, part of the problem with THE JAY LENO SHOW was that he looked older, more tired and more shop worn than during his old TONIGHT SHOW stint. A little bit of Grecian Formula to put a little more black in his hair would be a real nice start.


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