Friday, July 17, 2009

PASSION Actor Jim "Jesus Christ" Caviezel Has Minor Injuries From Harley Davidson Crash

Actor Jim Caviezel, 40, who played Jesus in the Mel Gibson film, PASSION OF THE CHRIST, faced some minor injuries after a bicyclist deliberately threw their bicycle in front Caviezel's Harley Davidson motorcycle up in Washington state. The bicyclist faces potential criminal charges for reckless endangerment(if not a real good spiritual awakening ass-kicking from any of the religious brotherhood of angel motorcycle riders in the world who look out for Harley riding Jesus actors).

Why some idiot would deliberately throw a bicycle into traffic to create a motorcycle crash will likely require a pretty good explanation to some judge, if this joker wants to avoid some nice jail time, which he richly deserves for this thoughtless act. If the bicycle thrower is charged with assault as well, then the case could become a felony, and this bike thrower could become someone's prison bitch, and thereby lose the Kingdom of God according to Scripture. But there's probably a pretty good place run by a guy in a red suit with a pointy stick for those who assault Jesus actors regardless.

After a brief visit to the hospital emergency ward, to mend a few cuts and bruises, Caviezel was released. His Harley will likely require a little miracle healing as well, as skidding a beautiful bike on pavement never does wonders for the beauty of any bike.

At any rate, that's no way to treat the son of God, or at least the actor that played him. Jesus actors deserve far better than this.