Monday, July 13, 2009

Latoya and Joe Jackson Both Suggest Foul Play In Michael Jackson Death

In a British tabloid, Michael Jackson's sister, Latoya Jackson, who has something of strained relations with some of the other Jackson family members went as far as to suggest that Michael Jackson was a victim of "murder" by those around him who only wanted his money, although Michael Jackson was actually heavily in debt to the tune of around $400 million. And in a separate interview, Michael Jackson's father, Joe Jackson simply suggested "foul play" in the death.

However, it is two important statements by family members that seem to implicate that some doctor prescribing drugs to Jackson was possiby criminally negligent. Both statements represent something of bombshells, and could only help to widen any criminal investigation into the over-prescribing of drugs to Jackson by one of many doctors who attended to him. These twin damning interviews have to only be but bad news for any of the doctors involved in prescribing drugs to Jackson, putting any who might have over-prescribed drugs in a possible legal issue or medical license jeopardy if any could be found to have abused their duties as professionals.

The fact of the matter is that this Michael Jackson story will continue to have legs for many days. And when new interviews emerge from Jackson family members such as these two bombshell claims, it could potentially lead to some legal problems for some who attended to Michael Jackson if any wrong is discovered through a legal investigation.


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