Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Albums of Unreleased Songs By Michael Jackson Might Appear Soon

It is highly likely that with a substantial number of unreleased songs and possible remixes of old songs, that some new albums by Michael Jackson could appear soon. One unreleased song, "A Place With No Name", seems to be essentially the old 1971 song done by the trio, America, "A Horse With No Name". The group reportedly gave Jackson permission some years back to do a rework of their classic. However, some material that breaks new ground could also be released as well. And since Jackson's material never really delved into the rap or hip hop sound, some reworks of his material could even include these stylings as well, much like some popular groups like the Black Eyed Peas or their lead singer Fergie have done.

However, the song, "A Place With No Name", seems to have some eerie and nearly prophetic lyrics of a Michael Jackson in some state of suffering or emotional pain. As his legal and financial problems built over the last few years, his unreleased recordings such as this song might have reflected more suffering in his music. Audiences might well be surprised at how much his unreleased music reflects his moods, compared to the far happier music he is associated with. Most of his music was strictly pop oriented, where he set his own trends at the time.

Just like the unreleased recordings that follow many artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Marc Bolan or many others, there is likely a market ready to hear more recordings by Michael Jackson or for a nice box set to include a few rarities that his double Cd greatest hits compilation just doesn't include.


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