Friday, July 17, 2009

Michael Jackson Autopsy Update

It now appears that the Los Angeles County Coroner's office plans to delay the release of the Michael Jackson autopsy report to the public by at least two more weeks, while police continue to collect evidence from several doctors who attended to and prescribed drugs to the late pop legend. It appears highly likely that the cause of death might be listed as the drug Propofol, which was to normally only be used in a hospital setting to create a medically induced coma for severe trauma or burn victims while they heal from their injuries. Why such a potentially dangerous drug was even used outside of a hospital setting, or as a sleep inducing agent for Jackson are serious questions for any doctors who prescribed or administered this drug to Jackson?

If abusive prescription or administration of this dangerous hospital-grade drug is determined by the autopsy report, then it might fuel possible sanctions against any doctors involved, including possible loss of medical license all the way to criminal charges. Doctors who treated Jackson have prepared by hiring lawyers to offer public statements pledging cooperation with the authorities as they collect evidence and decide what course of action to undertake.

Part of what makes Propofol such a dangerous drug is the rare, but potentially very dangerous abuse potential of the drug. Some abusers of the drug like the sense of euphoria and sexual hallucinations that the drug most often spurs. And with a steep dose response curb, abuse can quickly become life- threatening. This drug is often used by veterinarians for surgery, as many medical doctors or dentists often use other drugs with more pain fighting qualities, as Propofol has little analgesic qualities.

It is highly possible that the release of the autopsy report could come on a day that either state medical authorities or some prosecutors could also decide to announce some action if the prescription and administration of the drug was considered to be an unethical medical use. If the autopsy report cites an overdose of the drug Propofol as the primary cause of death, as is likely expected, then some significant legal fireworks might soon follow any doctors involved with the administration of this drug to Jackson.


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