Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DVDs You Should Own: Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood: LIVE FROM MADISON SQUARE GARDEN DVD & Bluray

As if the new Cd release of the great reunion concert by former Blind Faith members, Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood wasn't a fantastic enough release, and the best album by either music legend in a few years, the new DVD and Bluray release of the same concert events is really awesome. Essentially both the Cd and DVD include the same songs, however the razor sharp DVD and especially Bluray disc picture and sound quality make the video release one of the best music video DVD experiences in recent memory. The DVD or Bluray is a must have item.

But the DVD does include a second disc of cool extras not included in the Cd audio only release, including two great documentaries, including one with interviews with Clapton and Winwood. A second documentary includes sound-checks and other preparations for the three nights of shows. And some bonus performances of "lowdown", "Kind Hearted Woman" and "Crossroads" are added in as well. The last two songs are not included at all on the audio Cd version of the album.

If either the DVD or Cd have any slightly disappointing moments, it is Clapton attempting his own version of the the two Jimi Hendrix classics "Little Wing" and "Voodoo Chile". As great as Clapton may be, he just cannot quite the match the same stylings of Hendrix doing his own material. "Voodoo Chile" is very difficult to pull off when it will always be compared to the Hendrix classic. Likewise, the Hendrix version of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", seems strange compared to the Beatles version. However, Clapton has always been very good at doing a few of his favorites from fellow guitarist, J.J. Cale.

If you'd like to enjoy one of the best music DVDs ever made, then you'll love this great reunion concert with former Blind Faith members Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood back together after nearly 40 years since the one and only 1969 album BLIND FAITH. Many of the classic songs from this album are performed live here on both the Cd and DVD versions, as well as some Clapton solo classics like J.J. Cale's "Cocaine" and "After Midnight". Darn good stuff here. Git It!


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